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If you’re a purpose-driven personal brand ready to grow your reach, revenue and impact online…

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What if you could… uncover the exact words to build, rekindle or boost connection with your email community – and trigger sales

Liz Green Email copywriter Perth

When you’re a service-based personal brand, sales messaging can feel a bit awkward. 

I mean… You absolutely know you need to:

🧁 keep growing your business
🧁 be profitable and generate a steady income
🧁 attract (and sell to) more clients

Only problem…

Your big, bold, purpose-driven heart beats a little faster if you’re serving and supporting people – NOT selling to them.

Talking about sales in your emails (even ON your sales page) can feel like you’ve got cake crumbs caught down the inside of your t-shirt! Itchy, lumpy, sticky and UN-comfortable!

Look, I can’t help with the cake crumbs situation – but…


As a research-based copywriter and strategist, I can help you:

🧁 Peek inside the hearts and minds of your ideal clients and better understand what they need and want from you.

🧁 Uncover the exact words they use to talk about their problems. The solutions you offer. Even your business…

🧁 Develop razor-sharp clarity about your ideal clients, your personal brand, brand voice and brand messaging.

So you end up with copy that speaks to your audience. Sounds like you. And clearly, ethically and comfortably connects their specific problem and your specific solution.

When that happens, my friend… You’re not selling.

You’re serving. 

Email Copywriting Perth

Liz helped to make my message super clear.

If you’re launching an online course and you have no idea how to create a clear message to sell your product, then you need a wordsmith genius – and that’s Liz!

The voice of customer research that Liz undertook was such an eye opener, and has given my business so much clarity. 


Chloe Dennison, Naturopath

The launch of my 8-week program got great results. 

I’d recommend Liz with no hesitation. She helped me find my customers’ voice and created copy that really speaks to them. 

No longer did I have to imagine their words –  she helped me get them direct from my customers.  

The best investment I’ve made in my business this year.

Glin Bayley, Heart of Human

Strategic copywriting services


Email Marketing

Neglect your email marketing, and you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity for business growth.

You CAN welcome, nurture, rekindle or sell to the lovely humans on your email list without feeling like a money-obsessed maniac.

I help you build an engaged community of loyal clients that can’t wait to get their mitts on your offers.

Voxer Support Day

Ever get off a coaching call and think – damn! I forgot to ask about…

My Voxer Support Day lets you bump brains with me for a whole day.

Whether you need support with your emails, sales page, personal brand strategy, launch planning or something else entirely!

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

My project discovery questionnaire gives you the chance to share your
project details AND discover if we’re a good fit to work together. 

Head there now with one little click!

I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but Liz knew how to get me to that point!

Liz is amazing, I was beyond impressed with her personal brand recipe and website copywriting.

She is thorough. Well researched – and knew how to get my vision onto paper in the exact way I wanted it.

Alana McLeod, Be Yourself Allied Health


Not only will you get great copy… You’ll also have an opportunity to really fine tune your offerings.

Liz made such a genuine effort to understand not just my business – but me. 

I would recommend Liz – working with her didn’t feel like a generic process.


 Elizabeth Talbot, Clinical Therapy


Ditch the guesswork! Create clear, meaningful messaging with my strategic copywriting framework

Copywriting without a strategy is a lot like throwing together a bunch of raw ingredients, crossing your fingers and hoping they produce a delicious cake.

Whether it works or not – it’s hard to replicate your success. Or pinpoint what to went wrong.

My Layer Cake copywriting framework – removes the guesswork from your messaging. So you can get strategic about growing your:

  • Reach (your audience)
  • Revenue (your income)
  • Impact (your contribution to the world)

Starting with a solid foundation of research… Each distinct layer is built on top of the last to create copy that attracts and connects with your ideal clients.  Then triggers action.

Whether that’s a click. A reply. A sign up – or a sale… 


Ready to get more strategic (aka intentional) about growing your reach, revenue and impact online?

Liz delivers what she promises and then some!

I would say that hiring Liz Green is one of the best investments I ever made in my business.

Not only for the website project, but for the Balance Tax Accountants tone and voice training she did with the team.

Diana Todd, Balance Tax Accountants

Liz sounds so like me – it’s actually a little bit freaky! 

Liz is a superstar at writing copy. She saved me so many hours, not to mention sacred energy trying to figure out ‘what’s next’ and where to from here. 

She has so much patience, understanding, and humour to make working with her such a joy.

Rachel Dhanjal, Kinesiologist


Hellooooo, hey there I’m Liz Green…


A research-based copywriter and strategist specialising in emails and sales pages. I’m also a Seinfeld tragic – with an unshakeable belief in the healing power of cake.

Since 2017, I’ve written copy for purpose-driven brands from public speaking coaches to psychologists, naturopaths to kinesiologists, business consultants, accountants and vets.

The reason I love working with purpose-driven businesses is because they come in all shapes, sizes and industries. But they have one thing in common…

A specific, heart-centred purpose that goes beyond making money (because we all need to do that)!

Sound like you?

Liz is very thorough and challenges you to think about your business.

Her service is bespoke and you can see she has completed a lot of research and thought into the copy, branding and tone of voice provided.

She made me think deeper about my business and what it stands for and what I’m offering my clients.

The end product is thoughtful and really does display me and my business in the best light possible without sounding generic.

Narelle Wilson, Volta Consulting

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