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If your big, bold, purpose-driven heart beats a little faster when you’re serving and supporting people – NOT selling to them…
I hear you. Better still – I can help you!

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Uncover the exact words to boost connection and trigger sales (without sounding salesy)

Research-based copywriter Liz Green

Let’s be honest. Running a service-based business can leave you a little conflicted when it comes to sales.

You want to keep growing your business. And you need it to be profitable. So – you have to attract more clients.

The problem is… 

Talking about sales and money can feel a bit uncomfortable. (Like tiny cake crumbs stuck down the inside of your t-shirt)!

Look, I can’t ask you to lay off the cake (life’s too short)!

But, I can help you with copywriting that triggers sales and business growth without triggering that awkward *salesy* vibe.

My research-based approach to website and email copywriting uncovers the exact words your ideal clients use when they talk about you. And your services.

So you get insight into what’s actually happening inside the hearts and minds of your potential buyers.

Which helps me write copy that clearly and ethically connects the dots between their specific problem and your specific solution.

And when that happens my friend – you’re not selling. You’re serving. 

 Liz helped me find my customers’ voice and created copy that really speaks to them.

I also have a better understanding of who they are and why they buy from me more than I ever did.

The launch of my 8-week program got great results. I’d recommend Liz with no hesitation.

The best investment I’ve made in my business this year.

Glin Bayley, Heart of Human

Attract more of the right people (aka your people)

When your copy plugs your messaging gaps and blends the words your clients use
with your brand voice – it’s easier for you to:

Connect with more of your ideal clients

Sound like the *real* you everywhere you show up – and ethically move people to action.

Oh, hello sales without sleaze!

Boldly show up as you and create impact

Celebrate what makes you different. Share your purpose. And show your ideal clients what’s possible for them when they work with you.

Fine tune your sales message

Optimise your messaging so your ideal clients feel seen, heard, understood and valued.

(And the *un-ideal* ones don’t.)

Liz sounds so like me – it’s actually a little bit freaky! 

She saved me so many hours, not to mention sacred energy trying to figure out ‘what’s next’ and where to from here. 

Liz is a superstar at writing copy. She has so much patience, understanding, and humour to make working with her such a joy.

I honestly cannot rate her highly enough.

Rachel Dhanjal, Kinesiologist


Not only will you get great copy…

You’ll also have an opportunity to really fine tune your offerings.

I would recommend Liz because working with her didn’t feel like a generic process.

She made such a genuine effort to understand not just my business – but me. 


Elizabeth Talbot, Clinical Therapy


Research-based copywriting services

Email Sequences

Neglect your email list, and you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity for business growth.

Welcome, nurture or rekindle your list to build an engaged community of loyal clients that can’t wait to get their mitts on your offers.

Website Copy

Stop wondering where your
ideal clients are hiding and help
them find you.

Attract, connect with and convert your ideal clients 24/7 with website copy that’s convincing, compelling, and plays nicely with the search engines.

VIP Copy Intensives

Book my undivided attention for an hour, a day or a week without the 6-8 week wait. 

Get my eyes on your web, email or sales page copy to make sure it’s optimised for success. So you can hit publish or send with confidence!

Can’t find what you need here? Follow this cake crumb trail…

My project discovery questionnaire only takes around 5 mins to complete… But it gives you the
chance to share your project details and discover if we’re a good fit to work together. 

Your first step is to hit the button below

Liz delivers what she promises and then some!

I would say that hiring Liz Green is one of the best investments I ever made in my business.

Not only for the website project, but for the Balance Tax Accountants tone and voice training she did with the team.

Diana Todd, Balance Tax Accountants

Hellooooo, I’m Liz Green…

Research-based website and email copywriter. Seinfeld tragic. And occasional flautist (with an unshakeable
belief in the healing power of cake).

Since 2017, I’ve written copy for purpose-driven businesses from coaches to kinesiologists, public speaking coaches to psychologists and accountants to vets.

Plus, I’ve learnt from some of the best copywriters around the globe.

So you know I’ll bring a hefty slice of copywriting expertise to your project, topped off with a generous dollop of experience.

I love working with purpose-driven businesses because – although they come in all shapes, sizes and industries – they have one thing in common…

A specific, heart-centred purpose that goes beyond making money (cos we all need to do that)!

Sound like you?

Web Pages


(roughly 3 novels)
Cups of coffee

Liz’s ability with words has captured the essence of my business and me as a person.

Her delightful personality and communication skills made it easy to work with her – and for her to target and convey my message.

Louise Cartledge, Celebrant

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