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Liz Green Copywriter Perth

Hello there, I’m Liz Green

If you’re a purpose-driven business ready to grow your reach, revenue and impact online with website copywriting, email copywriting or both… I can help.

Usually, you’ll find me living and working on the land of the Whadjuk Nyoongar people (in Perth, Western Australia).

My local area is Hamersley. But thanks to the wonders of WiFi, Zoom, Loom (and other fabulous tools) – I can work with you wherever you are. 

If pressed to name my superpower – it’s eternal optimism (fuelled by cake – either red velvet or something lemony – but I’m open to suggestions).

Did someone mention copy and cake?

Getting your copywriting just right – so you attract, connect with and convert your target audience – is a lot like making a cake. Fiddly, time consuming and sometimes a bit messy…

But oh-so worth it.

Because, when you combine the essential ingredients in the right quantities and order, you create something so drool-worthy it leaves people craving more.

My ingredients for drool-worthy copywriting include:

  • research (Voice of Customer for best results)
  • a brand messaging strategy
  • tone of voice
  • words that connect, convince and convert
  • structure
  • social proof

Optional extras:

  • for powerful email sequence copy – add a dash of personality
  • for searchable, readable web words – add a spoonful each of SEO and UX
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Liz Green Copywriter Perth

So what’s my story?

It took a mid-life crisis (not the sports car and shenanigans kind) for me to finally commit to the work I’d always loved… Writing.

After my family’s award-winning business ended in bankruptcy, my first instinct was to curl up into a ball, roll away and hide. And I did that for a while.

But like I said – I’m a pretty optimistic person And I realised I could choose to view my unexpected and unwanted life change as a disaster. Or a fresh start…

I got a job. Then I packed my 44-year-old self off to Perth’s Curtin University where I studied Professional Writing and Publishing. I also began writing regular blog posts for Curtin Uni’s careers centre.

When I graduated in 2016 (with distinction – woohoo), I had a tertiary qualification for the first time ever… But – also for the first time ever – I was teetering on the edge of 50 and my job applications were going unanswered.

I wasn’t 100% sure what to do next until I discovered a podcast that changed everything.

From content creation to copywriting services


The Hot Copy podcast co-hosts (Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver) introduced me to the world of copywriting. I binged on the episodes feeling the excitement of certainty. Finally, this felt like a path I could follow.

Before I jumped into launching a business, I honed my copy chops and completed some extra training with copywriting specialist Bernadette Schwerdt. Then I studied with Australia’s *Beyonce of SEO*, Kate Toon.

In July 2017, I launched my copywriting business and I never looked back. Since then, I’ve worked with business owners in Perth, across Australia and around the globe.

And I’ve continued to deepen my copywriting knowledge and skills, learning from internationally-renowned copywriters like – Belinda Weaver, Kirsty Fanton, Britney McBean, Samar Owais & the crew at Copyhackers.

Why I work with purpose-driven businesses?

Maybe there’s a universal definition for a purpose-driven business, but this is what it means to me.

It’s run by someone with a mission that goes beyond sales and profit.

They act to bring about positive change for their clients, which then has an impact on the wider community.

It’s not about being a specific type of business. It’s more about having a specific, heart-centred approach.

Every time a purpose-driven business helps a client solve a problem, it has the potential to be life-changing – on a small scale or a large one.

Either way, I love playing a part in achieving that kind of outcome – that’s kind of my purpose!

Copywriting services perth

Talking about purpose…

‘Liz, you’ll be happy to know I got my first booking today from the new website.’

It makes my day when a delighted client sends me a message like this after their new copy goes live.

Likewise, it honestly breaks my heart when I meet someone who’s put their time, energy – and usually a fair whack of cash – into creating a fabulous business. But their website or email copy is all wrong for their audience. 

So, my purpose is…

To help business owners use research-based copywriting to better amplify their voice online (without sleazy sales talk), to grow their reach, revenue and impact. So they can build a business they love that’s aligned with their values and supports the life they want to live.

Contributing to building a better community was a foundational promise I made to myself. Across each year, I donate a percentage of my fees to a range of charities that are close to my heart, Beyond Blue, Movember, OvarianCancerOz and Share the Dignity. When you choose to work with me – you’re also supporting them.

Wow – you read to the bottom!

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