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Liz Green Copywriter Perth

Hello there, I’m Liz Green.

I offer copywriting services for purpose-driven business owners ready to grow their reach, revenue and impact online with email and website copy. 

I live in Perth, WA but my clients live all over the globe.

Away from the world of copywriting, I’m a cat auntie and occasional flautist who firmly believes any situation can be improved with cake.

Did someone mention copy and cake?

Getting your copywriting just right – so you attract and connect with your target audience – can be a lot like making a delicious cake. Fiddly, time consuming and sometimes messy.

But when you combine the right ingredients, in the right quantities and the right order, you can create something memorable that leaves people wanting more.

Copywriting success starts with these essential ingredients:

  • research (Voice of Customer for best results)
  • a brand messaging strategy
  • tone of voice
  • words that connect, convince and convert
  • structure
  • social proof

Optional extras:

  • for powerful email sequence copy – add a dash of personality
  • for searchable, readable web words – add a spoonful each of SEO and UX

Take a closer look at the copywriting services I offer:

Liz Green Copywriter Perth

Want expert help cooking up your copy?

Maybe you prefer your copywriting ready-made? Without the mess, stress and time suck of learning how to whip it up from scratch.

I can help.

I’ve been cooking up purposeful, professional and ethically persuasive copy since 2017.

So you can trust me with your website or email copywriting while you focus on the stuff that fires you up. Running your business, growing your empire, fun with loved ones or more time to yourself.

So, what’s my story?

It took a mid-life crisis (and not the sports car and shenanigans kind) for me to finally pursue the work I’d always been drawn to… Writing.

After a failed family business that ended in bankruptcy, I wanted to run away and hide. But instead, I decided to view my unexpected life change as a fresh start.

I got a job and packed my 44-year-old self off to Perth’s Curtin University to study Professional Writing and Publishing. When I graduated with distinction in 2016, I wasn’t 100% sure what to do next.

From content creation to copywriting services

Before and after graduation, I wrote regular blogs for Curtin’s careers centre – it was a big step in the right direction but I wasn’t there yet.

Then I discovered the Hot Copy podcast. The co-hosts introduced me to the world of copywriting. I binged on the episodes feeling the excitement of certainty. Finally, this felt like the right fit for me.

I honed my copy chops and learnt from industry specialists like:

  • Bernadette Schwerdt at the Australian Writers Centre
  • Kate Toon at The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success
  • Belinda Weaver at Copywrite Matters

In July 2017, I stepped up and launched my copywriting business. Since then, I’ve worked with business owners in Perth, across Australia and even around the globe.

I’ve never stopped studying – and I’m sure I never will because copywriting is about connecting with people. That makes it endlessly fascinating and ensures there’s always more to learn.

Why I work with purpose-driven businesses?

I don’t know if there’s a universal definition for a purpose-driven business, but I can tell you what it means to me.

It’s run by someone with a mission that goes beyond sales and profit. They act to bring about positive change for their clients, which then has an impact on the wider community.

Purpose-driven businesses come in all shapes, sizes and industries, so it’s not about being a specific type of business. It’s more about having a specific, heart-centred approach.

Every time a purpose-driven business helps a client solve a problem, it has the potential to be lifechanging – on a small scale or a large one. Either way, I love playing a part in achieving that outcome.

Copywriting services perth

So what’s my purpose?

Simply put, it’s to do better and to be better.

I help business owners better amplify their voice online so they can reach, attract and retain more of their ideal clients. And I’m committed to ongoing professional development so I can achieve better results for my clients through my copywriting.

So, when a client’s website goes live with a new service, it makes my day to receive a message like this one:

‘Liz, you’ll be happy to know I got my first booking today from the website.’

I want to better support the broader community too. So, I donate a percentage of every fee to a couple of charities that are close to my heart, Beyond Blue and Share the Dignity. When you work with me – you’re also supporting them.

Wow – you read to the bottom!

Maybe you’d like to know more about working with me – these are the services I offer:

Whip your website copy into shape and turn browsers into buyers

Grab your free checklist - 5 simple steps to upgrade your website copy without writing a word.