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Email copywriting Liz Green

If you’ve neglected email copywriting – you’re missing out on opportunities to attract more ideal clients.

With email, you are not at the mercy of a fickle algorithm that may or may not share your message with your ideal audience. In fact, you can deliver your tailored email sequences straight to their inbox, where you know they’re looking out for you.

Because when someone gives you their precious email address, you’re not showing up uninvited.

Or chasing them from platform to platform.

They’ve welcomed you into their inbox and they want to hear from you.

Plus, here’s the thing…

According to Optinmonster, in 2021, 92% of online adults use email and 58% of email users check their inbox first thing.

Ahead of social media.

Ahead of the news.

Then – they check it again about 20 times a day.

So, even if your email list is non-existent. Or gathering dust. Or your emails are inconsistent and underperforming. I can help you reconnect with your existing clients, rekindle and grow your list so it’s full of engaged subscribers.

‘Thank you for sending my draft email sequence through, I think it’s absolutely amazing! I can see how much thought and effort you’ve put into this and I genuinely appreciate every bit of it, thank you. No changes needed!’

Renee Brown, Founder, Corporate Cupid

Essential ingredients for irresistible emails people want to read

Email copywriting (like cake) starts with a list of raw ingredients. But blend those ingredients together, bake in the goodness and – boom – you’ve created emails as delicious and irresistible as a red velvet cake.

My special blend of email ingredients includes:

  • Voice of customer (VOC) research
    Don’t guess what your clients want, need and desire. Ask them (or people like them). Identify and use the exact language to talk about those things in a way that attracts precisely the right customers
  • Competitor and industry research
    Discover missed opportunities in the marketplace or a fresh approach to draw attention to your service or product
  • Social proof
    Build trust and credibility by reinforcing the value and results you deliver using the exact words of your happy clients
  • A well-planned strategy
    Give every email a clear purpose so it’s written for one person and has one job to do
  • A lead magnet (or two)
    Share your value-packed reason for potential clients to invite you into their inbox and keep opening your emails
  • Tailored conversion copy
    Connect with your readers and make it easy for them to act – whether that’s to reply, sign up for a trial or make a purchase

Hello there, I’m Liz Green

I write email sequences that set you free from what-to-write panic.

Using the right blend of ingredients and storytelling, I help you engage your readers with tailored emails that sound like you and share insights, education, entertainment and offers.

Liz is a superstar at writing email copy (she sounds so like me its actually a little bit freaky 😜). 

She saved me so many hours, not to mention sacred energy trying to figure out ‘what’s next’ and where to from here.

Liz has so much patience, understanding, and humour to make working with her such a joy. I honestly cannot rate her highly enough.’

Rachel Dhanjal Kinesiologist

Customised emails that stand out in a crowded inbox

When someone trusts you with their email address and you fail to follow up or explain what’s happening next – that trust is already on shaky ground.

Email welcome sequences set expectations for new subscribers and reassure them that you belong in their inbox.

Nurturing sequences keep them informed, educated or entertained – so they remember who you are and that your emails are valuable (aka click worthy).

I write tailored conversion-focused emails that set you free from what-to-write-about panic and help you stand out in a crowded inbox.

I help you grow a warm, engaged and eager list of new and existing clients who love what you do and want what you sell.

‘Liz wrote a really solid welcome sequence
with curiosity-invoking subject lines
and stories that keep you reading.’

Liz Painter, Email Strategist and Conversion Copywriter, Comma Comma

Let’s talk price and process

Your email sequence is customised for your audience, with specific goals and a specific strategy – so it requires
a customised fee. I know it’s annoying to play guess the price – so here’s a handy starting point.

Embrace the power of your email list and use it to
start growing your reach, revenue and impact today.

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