VIP Copywriting Intensive

Skip the queue and give your existing copy an upgrade to first class

Do you need help whipping your outdated or underperforming website or email copy into shape?

Are your emails going straight to the bin, being left unopened or leaking subscribers?

Maybe you hit up Fiverr for some budget copy or a well-meaning friend wrote it for you. Perhaps you decided to write it yourself but bizarrely – it just doesn’t sound like you…

The thing is, writing about yourself is trickier than it looks – even if you love writing.

And creating conversion-focused copy for your target audience (without being salesy or icky) is hard.

You  know you need clear, consistent messaging. But, now there’s a deadline looming, and you don’t have time to wait 6–8 weeks for a professional copywriter. (Because all the good ones have a waitlist.)

But what if I told you there’s a way to get the professional help you need – fast?

I booked a VIP Copy Intensive as I knew I wanted to freshen up some existing copy on my website this year.
Liz has a clear process, her knowledge is very high and her approach to her work is professional, on time and value for money.
Liz delivered the copy within our agreed time-frame so now, when I’m ready to update my site, I have the copy organised.

Lisa Evans, Founder, Speaking Savvy

Jump the queue like a VIP with a Copy Intensive

When you book a VIP Copy Intensive, you bypass my usual waitlist and jump to the top of the queue. These are some of the things I can help you with:

Shine up your SEO

you bring the SEO keywords and I optimise your on-page copy and write your title tags and meta descriptions

Upgrade your UX

you bring up to 5 pages of copy and I review the subheads, CTAs, internal links plus the structure and flow of your website copy

Tune up tone of voice

I audit your copy to ensure your brand voice and key messaging are consistent on every web page or every email in your sequence

Refresh your web copy

you bring your DIY or outdated web copy (approx. 3 pages), any keywords plus customer research and social proof – I create a copy strategy and rewrite your copy

Refresh an email welcome sequence

you bring your existing sequence (5–7 emails) plus your customer research and social proof – I create a copy strategy and rewrite your copy

Hello there, I’m Liz Green

When you book a VIP Copy Intensive with me, you book my undivided attention to upgrade your copy for a total of 7 hours.

There are no set deliverables, which means you have the flexibility to pick and choose the copy that needs attention. I’ll let you know what’s possible and you get to nominate what you’d like me to prioritise.



Is a VIP Copy Intensive for you?

My VIP Copy Intensives are definitely not for everyone.

But they are ideal if you know the value of your time and want to leave the copywriting to an expert, plus you:


need a professional polish to improve your copy's performance, optimise it for conversion, SEO or UX


can’t or don’t want to wait 6–8 weeks for a space in my schedule


can complete your copy brief and provide the copy, client research and social proof before your VIP Copy Intensive

A VIP Copy Intensive won’t be a good fit for you if you:


need new website copy or email sequence copy written from scratch


want the set deliverables of a full copy project (that takes a few weeks)


can’t commit to the prework such as completing your copy brief or providing existing copy, customer research or social proof

As I was trialling Liz’s VIP service, it was good to see information in the lead up that gave me a clear overview about how the day was going to work. I found the morning video call very helpful.

The content that came through gave me a really good starting point to complete the rest of the copy. If we had someone solely seeking copywriting, I would easily recommend Liz.

Gabby, Marketing Manager, Perth

Don’t need a full day – just a dollop of short and sweet
copywriting or business support?

Why not try a mini-intensive?

Pick my

Business Brain Hour
$197/ ex GST
  • Life as a solo copywriter can get a bit lonely at times – especially when you have decisions to make.
  • I’ve ridden the highs and lows of small business life as a copywriter and (in a previous life) as a builder – yes – I said builder!
  • If you have a copywriting business dilemma or question, or a new idea, why not book a BBH to pick my brain?

FAQ about VIP Copy Intensives

How much of your time is included in the VIP Copy Intensive?
Seven hours, which includes your 60-minute Zoom to complete and review your copy brief.
How will my designer know what to do with the copy?
The copy will be provided in a copy deck document that includes suggestions for formatting if your VA or designer needs guidance.
Do you add my copy to the website or email platform I’m using?
No, the copy will be provided in a Google or Word doc (you can choose).

I will start with your existing copy and include all changes, guidelines or suggestions for each page.

So, for example, I might suggest that you add a proof bar or testimonials to an existing web page, but I can’t offer advice on how to do it on the back end of your site.

Do I need to work with you all day?

As long as we have had our 60-minute Zoom call in the few days before your intensive and you’ve provided the prework information I need – your completed questionnaire and any market research or testimonials you have – you don’t need to stay on Zoom with me all day.

But I may need to touch base with you to ask additional questions so it’s good if you are accessible by email or phone during the day.

Can you refresh my whole website during my VIP Copy Intensive?
Based on what I’ve achieved for others and depending on the length and quality of your existing copy, I can refresh 3–4 pages in one intensive.

My Loom video will explain the strategy and structure so that if you need to, you can use it as a guideline for other pages.

I can talk to you about what’s possible once you’ve completed your copy questionnaire or you can send me a question about your copy at

Do you offer professional proofreading or revisions for the work completed?
No, those sorts of deliverables are only offered as part of my usual customised copy services. You do have the option to book a bonus 30-minute Q&A with me the following week if you need some additional pointers about your copy.
What happens if I need to cancel?
Once I have your booking in my schedule no one else can book me for any work on that day, which means I’ve turned down work to save that day. So if you decide to cancel, you will forfeit your intensive.
What happens if you cancel?
If I have an unavoidable reason for cancelling your VIP Copy Intensive (illness, accident, family catastrophe), I will offer you a refund or the opportunity to reschedule.

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