Take your website copywriting from vanilla sponge to red
velvet cake

Do you cringe on the inside when someone asks for your website address?

It could be because you put up a basic site when you started out and your well-meaning friend wrote the copy for free. But it’s vanilla, vague and unrecognisable as you.

Perhaps your ideal client has changed or your copywriting no longer reflects the business you’ve grown into. Maybe you haven’t even created your website yet – it can happen!

But here’s the thing…

Your website is a worldwide window into the business that you’ve already invested serious hours, energy and brain space into growing.

Which means, your website copy should be working as hard as you do to attract the right clients, generate leads and trigger sales. Otherwise, it’s just taking up space…

‘Liz delivered the best website copy and wireframe strategy on the planet.

Her experience and understanding behind customer purchasing behaviour combined with her attention to detail and care in conducting the customer and industry research means that when you hire Liz Green to write your copy, the customers will be lining up to press the BUY NOW button!’

Diana Todd, Founder, Balance Tax Accountants

Effective website copywriting requires so much more than nicely written words

If you want to take your website copy from sponge cake to red velvet, it needs some essential ingredients:


  • On-page SEO and a little off-page – so you can get found in the first place
  • Great UX – keeps your visitors on the page so they can find what they’re looking for and move around your site with ease
  • Consistent tone of voice – sounds like you or your brand voice on every page
  • Voice of customer (VOC) – identifies your clients’ wants, needs and desires and provides the exact language to talk about those things in a way that attracts precisely the right customers
  • Ethical conversion copy – sells without laying on the sleaze or *ick* factor
  • Social proof – builds trust and credibility through the words of your clients

‘Liz has been amazing to work with, and her inspirational writing has been a revelation. Her insights into the way copy should be written from a visitor
and SEO perspective have been extremely knowledgeable.

Highly recommended to any business struggling with copywriting.’

Stephen Wigley, CEO/UX Director, Burning Fruit

Hello there, I’m Liz Green

I know how to expertly blend your website copy ingredients to create polished, professional website copy that articulates your message and sounds like you.

So you can attract site visitors that want to stick around, sign up to your email list and start splurging on your offers.

Customised website copy – throw out the cookie cutter

You can’t stand out online with cookie-cutter copywriting. You need to explore and understand what your ideal client cares about and start your messaging there.

Personality-packed writing will definitely help you make a splash – but it has to reflect *your personality* – not someone else’s. I take the time to get that right.

I remove the worry, stress and frustration you might feel about the trickier parts of your web copy. From getting your tone of voice just right to using VOC, UX and SEO to help your copy connect and convert.

‘We were a bit nervous about the copy as it’s not an area of skill for either of us, but you made the whole process very simple and fun.

Thank you so much for the work you have done for us, we are very happy.’

Vanessa Carter, Director, Beyond Clarity

Let’s talk price and process

Getting customised copy for your website means no two projects are exactly the same. But I know it’s frustrating when you look for a price and all you can find is a vague, secret squirrel answer. So – here’s a starting point:

Stand out online with customised web copy
and share your website with pride

‘Knowing the SEO copywriting has all been done is such a relief.

Keyword research, title tags and meta descriptions etc. feel too hard for the non-trained. The outcome is beautiful, simple words that reflect everything I want my business to be.’

Shauna Thomson, Founder, Shauna Thomson Bookkeeping

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